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Some old stuff. Here is some instruments I've made.

"The Tentacle bucket".

With this instrument I wanted to create a trashy version of Richard Waters "waterphone", but since I never heard it I'm not sure if I succeded. Anyway, it's just a bucket with a little water and a few rods bowed with a homemade bow.

The "Book".

A short circuited childrens cassette recorder placed in a book. This picture is from my workshop in winter(20 C below zero).

Melting dogs - mp3.


Plastic Shakuhachi

End blown flute made of cheap platic pipes bougth at an electrician store. The one on the picture is a deep one in F sharp. The one on the recording is a different one in A.

Plastic Shakuhachi - Duet(.mp3)


Plastic Kaval.

This is a plastic version of the bulgarian shepherd flute "Kaval". I offer these for sale. They are nice for beginners, since the bore is slightly thinner than the traditional ones, which makes it easier to play the higher notes.

Price 300,- Nkr.

Listen to a Bulgarian song played on this Kaval:

Slivenska ruchenitsa




Australian didjeridu's

Two instruments by two of the most respected didjeridumakers around. The one on the left a G by Djalu Gurruwiwi and the other a D by Frank Thill painted by Julie Munungurr.

Example of contemporary style played on a homemade elm didjeridu:

Aircleaner - Mp3 (2.2Mb).

Attempt at traditional style on homemade maple didjeridu. The "mouthsounds" at the end indicate tonguemovements used while playing. This is a typical retroflexed tongue pattern with the inbreath on the overtone:

Dup - overtone - Mp3 (52kb.).

For more didjeridusamples go to:





Ice didjeridu

In wintertime we can make didjeridu's the Norwegian way. Everytime you put it to your lips it melts a little bit...

Keep it in the freezer.

Mpg video 1,5 Mb.