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Plane powered by bird song I recorded as a kid. All the sound comes from the motors. There's no speakers. The styrofoam body of the plane amplifies the vibrations from the motors. From an exhibit at Gallery no 1 in Klbu during "".

Made with free open source software: pure data, bird samples, arduino and photoresistors. Inspired by André Tribbensee's project: "tea ceremony". exhibited 22.September 2007 at Austrått.





The cuckoo-clock outsiden my window with blue tits nesting. This footage is from 2008, but they're nesting this year as well. There's a sensor in the hole that triggers the sound of a cuckoo clock each time the birds fly in and out. Actually, I only turned it on when filming and showing it to friends to keep disturbances to a minimum. The blue tits didn't seem to care too much.




Theremin as video and audio controller, using Pure data with fiddle~ and Gem.Performing with Arnfinn Killingtveit at the exhibition Etterklang at Vitenskapsmuseet, Trondheim. Photo: Ola Nordal



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